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Sample Global Legal and Accounting Questions

  1. Transaction Checklist I am buying a 4,000 square foot warehouse for my business in Vermont. Please provide me a checklist of the requirements to purchase a warehouse.
  2. Intellectual Property My Company operates in Romania, France and Singapore. We have 3 US patents on our electronic calculator and we have a registered trademark. What do we need to do to protect the patents and trademark in Romania, France and Singapore?
  3. Email Write an email to Robert Jones about the rules covering foreign currency transactions in the United States requesting his recommendations for payment in Euros of a purchase of undeveloped land in Texas.
  4. Memo on accounting Write a memo on GAAP rules for writing off account receivables.
  5. Employment Contract in Spanish Our Company has operations in Mexico with 10 employees one of which is the manager. We need a short employment contract in Spanish for the manager.
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